GTP Auditors Incorporated was founded in 1992. The firm started out as a partnership, but quickly evolved to become a thriving enterprise with over 25 years’ experience in the auditing industry.

Our offices are located in Pretoria and Cape Town where the founding members du Toit, Greeff & du Plooy, plied their trade to eventually lend the first letters of their surnames to the leading accounting and auditing firm known today as GTP Incorporated.

We learn every day to hone our skills to provide real people with real advice. We firmly believe in the process of Life Long Learning to help us think logically, reason with clarity and analyse critically. We like to identify and solve problems in unfamiliar and changing situations. To remain agile, we strive to remain teachable.

Our values

Integrity at All Costs

Professional Competence

Sound Judgement

Ethical Conduct

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