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29th January 2020

Our expert team

At GTP, we pride ourselves on delivering timeous and relevant outcomes on a pro-active basis. Our team has more than 25 years’ experiencing meeting the needs of high-value individuals, SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Hendrik Greeff

Hendrik is the founding father of GTP Auditors Incorporated. After graduating at the University of Pretoria he started his career at Deloitte and today has more than 27 years’ experience in the accounting industry. He values integrity, work ethics and objectivity as the cornerstones of building long-term trusting relationships with clients.

Clara Jordaan


Elmarie Lourens

Senior Accountant
Elmarie walked in the doors of GTP for the first time in 1997. She is passionate about accounting, but remains an introvert at heart with integrity high on her list of values.

Tina du Plessis

Senior Accountant

Lynette Bodemer

Lynette’s life motto is to “do my best, so I can’t blame myself for anything”. She joined the GTP family in 2012 and, coming from a big family herself, quickly became a member of the team. She enjoys outdoor activities like hunting and camping.

Danielle Jonck

Danielle is a great believer that one should have balance in your life – “work hard, play hard”. She is adventurous in nature and love to explore, try new things and enjoy interacting with new people. Respect, loyalty and honesty is important in her life and values dear to her.

Gail Pretorius

Personal Assistant
Gail joined GTP in 1998 which makes her one of the longest-serving staff members in the office. She values honesty and sincerity and has a good eye for detail. Outside of work she enjoys cooking and lives by the motto that what you see is what you get.

Brendan Katzke

Junior Accountant
Brendan is an avid reader – an activity he balances with time watching rugby with the boys. He’s been with GTP since 2016 and values family and the drive to reach your full potential in life. A little-known fact about Brendan is that he is a skilled pianist and guitar player.

Lucia Wilbers

Junior Accountant
Lucia is a goal-driven individual with a passion for what she does. It is in her nature to be competitive and to strive to do everything she takes on to the best of her abilities. She however does so with a healthy allowance for time off from work.

Dane Groenewald

Junior Accountant
Dane’s motto in life is “You only become a failure once you stop trying”. He is passionate about auditing and values integrity above all.
When he is not expanding his knowledge, he enjoys playing piano and spending time with friends and family.
He loves a good challenge and to try new things. His goal is to become a registered auditor.

Bronson Erasmus

Junior Accountant
Bronson is the youngest clerk and one of the newest clerks that joined GTP in 2018. He is dedicated to his work and fearless towards new challenges.
Apart from being a real gentleman, he is a hopeless romantic and well known for his sense of humor. He is a Marvel fanatic and enjoys spending time with his friends & family.

Annerize Cordier

Junior Accountant
Annerize’s motto in life is to never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. She enjoys camping, reading, doing crafts and love spending time with friends and family. She has a Diploma in Accounting Science.

Marina Ferreira

Junior Accountant
Marina believes you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. She is currently busy with her BCompt degree in Financial Accounting and enjoys going camping or simply staying indoors and catching up on a good TV series.

Ryan Steyn

Junior Accountant
Ryan believes that respect is key in life and that other qualities like integrity, honesty and passion will follow. He approaches everything in his life based on these values. He is very passionate about sport, especially cricket and athletics.

Wynand Steyn

Junior Accountant
Wynand joined GTP Auditors Inc. in 2019. He believes that hard work is the key to success. Wynand enjoy spending time outdoors. His hobbies include hunting and adventure bike touring around the country. His motto in life: “He who has not tasted defeat will not appreciate success.”

Nestar Skhosana

Estate Administration Assistant
Nestar is a dynamic young lady, full of spirit and soul. She brings a smile to your face and tends to be full of insights. She is hardworking never misses an opportunity and always trying to learn new things. She’s been with Mdp’s estates department since 2016.

Evah Modibane

Filing Clerk

Martha Msiza


Our PSG team

PSG is a leading independent financial services group, with an extensive national footprint and a Namibian presence. In operation since 1998, we offer a value-orientated approach to our clients’ financial needs, from asset and wealth management to insurance.

Stephanie Gouws

Financial Advisor

Monique Jervis

Financial Advisor CFP