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31st July 2021

Experienced Chartered Accountants & Auditors

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Specialist Tax & Financial Structure Advice

Creative solutions for complex problems

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We adhere to the policies and principles of
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Experienced Chartered Accountants and Auditors

GTP Auditors Incorporated is a leading accounting and auditing firm based in Pretoria and Cape Town. We offer a personal service to our clients and also act in an advisory role to recommend possible risk aversion measures and cost savings options. With over 25 years of experience, GTP can provide you with the day-to-day accounting services and financial advice you need to make sound business decisions.

Specialist Tax &
Financial Structure Advice

With our in-depth knowledge on corporate financial structures we can produce creative solutions for complex problems. We provide specialist tax advice to high value individuals, SMEs and entrepreneurs. General financial advice is provided through our PSG partnership. Our service is pro-active, which means we go the extra mile to meet your needs on time without compromising on quality.


Whilst delivering professional service at all time, we appreciate the value of ethical conduct in everything we do. Our staff adhere to the policies and principles of business ethics to best serve their clients, society and the accounting profession as a whole.

Wealth Management

Our investment approach is built on ensuring that our clients understand their investments and the risks associated with every component of their portfolio when setting off on their wealth journey. We provide complete transparency and insight into the underlying investments that make up a client’s solution and ensure that their journey ends at the destination it was meant to.

We are not experts at everything and to provide expert financial advice, we have partnered with Anchor Capital, one of South Africa’s leading wealth managers.

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Quality Financial Services

Our service offering encompasses all financial disciplines from accounting, payroll, auditing, taxation and commercial transactions to ensure the fiscal health of your company. Our mission is to guide you with sound business advice and quality accounting that add up to a prosperous future.


At GTP we are professionals, trained to provide you with objective advice on how to navigate the world of finance. Good judgement based on facts is the foundation GTP is built on. Our focus is business. Our approach is personal.

Current-Day Financial Advice

We strive to maintain the discipline required to stay at the cutting-edge of today’s ever-changing business arena. Through research we stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the market place to provide current-day financial advice.

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